Natàlia Maldonado Martín

 natalia maldonado photo
Surname                              Maldonado Martín

First name                           Natàlia

Address for correspondence   E-mail

Nationality                            Spain

Affiliation with educational networks
APAC (Catalan Association of teachers of English), CCN Network (network to consolidate local, regional and national activities in CLIL at a European level), xtec (Catalan educational network for teachers)
Work information
Occupation or position currently held
 Educational Advisor
Name of employer

 Department of Education in Catalonia

Country of employment
Education and training
Relevant qualifications or training


teacher, teacher trainer, language advisor

Languages of communication
Mother tongues
 Catalan & Spanish
Other languages
 English, French, German
Contribution to the project

CEFR: adaptation of descriptors to primary context, ELP implementation and teacher training, curriculum development, material design, design of assessment tools for measuring effectiveness of English at different stages of primary education

Coordination of innovation programs, CLIL programs and teacher training related to teaching English to young learners


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