Violeta Kaledaite

 violeta kaledaite photo
Surname                                Kaledaite

First name                              Violeta

Address for correspondence     E-mail

Nationality                                Lithuanian

Affiliation with educational networks
2006: member of Societas Linguistica Europaea
2005: member of the Lithuanian Association of Applied Linguistics
2003: member of the editorial board of "Linguistics" (Kalbotyra)
2000: member of EAIE, the European Association for International Education
1998: member of ESSE, the European Society for the Study of English
Work information
Occupation or position currently held
Associate Professor

Head of English philology department 

Name of employer

Vytautas Magnus University 

Country of employment


Education and training
Relevant qualifications or training
Norway: 1993 MPhil, 2000 PhD (English linguistics)
Lithuania: 1974 Vilnius University, diploma in English language and literature 
Languages of communication
Mother tongue
Other languages
English,  French, Russian, Polish 
Contribution to the project
The English philology department at Vytautas Magnus University offers undergraduate and graduate programmes in English philology. In addition to fundamental courses on the English language, culture and literature, the bachelor programme aims at providing basic knowledge and skills in teaching English as a foreign language at the upper primary and lower secondary classroom.   
As of autumn 2007 the BA programme has been renewed to include an additional module of student pedagogical practice, and this opens up even wider access to the younger learner classroom, especially at the university-affiliated secondary school "Rasa" in Kaunas. In my experience, the age group of young learners (between 10 and 13 years) and their teachers in Lithuania are in bad need of tested materials that could be usefully applied in the teaching process.   
I have gained valuable experience regarding the contents and research methods while being involved in the previous ECML ('Bergen can do') project run in 2000-2003 "Evolving ICT-based materials usable in an ELP for ongoing assessment in the lower secondary language classroom". My own role in the project is to contribute to the aims of the project by trialling and adapting the material emerging from the Bergen project in the classroom of Lithuanian learners of English, to provide teachers of YLs with the necessary tools for assessing pupils' reading and writing, to translate the final sets of material into Lithuanian, to disseminate the outcomes of the project on a national level, and to carry out any tasks that are related to my duties as a team member while organizing regional and central workshops. I am also willing to act as website correspondent for the project.


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