Karmen Pizorn

karmen pizorn photo
Surname                                        Pizorn

First name                                      Karmen

Address for correspondence             E-mail

Nationality                                      Slovene
Affiliation with educational networks
EALTA (board member from 2003-2004; first conference organiser)
National Testing Team Leader for Primary English Language Examinations from 2001 to date
Work information
Occupation or position currently held
Assistant Professor 
1. Lecturer and head of Teaching English to Young Learners department 

2. Co-developer and leader of project establishing a new BA and MA course in Teaching English (Foreign Languages) to Young Learners

Name of employer

Pedagoska Fakulteta Ljubljana/Faculty of Education, Ljubljana

Country of employment
Education and training
Relevant qualifications or training
BA (English and German), MA and PhD in English Language Methodology: Role of Native and
Non-native Foreign Language Teachers in Foreign Language Testing (Course at the University of Lancaster course)

Teacher Training Courses (Hilderstone College, UK)

Languages of communication
Mother tongue
Other languages
German, French, Croatian, Italian
Contribution to the project
I have been involved in foreign language testing on national level for a number of years:
from 1996 to 2000 I was a member of the Matura National Committee for English (the secondary school-leaving examination which enables Slovene students to enter university). I designed testing tasks for all language skills (speaking, reading, writing and listening).
In 2001 I became a leader of the National Assessment Team for English in Primary School (age groups: 11 and 14). We have developed test specifications, sample tasks, have published articles and books, have run a number of annual training and standardising sessions for teachers to assess the tasks and have successfully run five live exams so far.
I see my role in the project as following:
- to contribute from my own language testing experience, especially from the Slovene young language learner context;
- to offer and use the Slovene language classrooms for trialling the writing tasks;
- to collate and analyse the scripts, and offer useful information from the standardising sessions from the Slovene contexts;
- to disseminate the findings of the project within my own teaching context and inform the project group about the Slovene reactions to the results;
- to share my own cross-country experience in aligning listening tasks to the CEFR.


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