Angela Hasselgreen

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Surname                               Hasselgreen

First name                             Angela

Address for correspondence    E-mail

Nationality                              British 
Affiliation with educational networks/associations
Member of EALTA (board member from 2004-2006) and IATEFL
Member of editorial board of 'Language Testing'
Co-leader of YLL Research Network, for language teacher trainers in Norway
Work information
Occupation or position currently held


Main activities and responsibilities

Overall leader of Study Centre

Name of employer
Norwegian Study Centre, University of York
Country of employment
Education and training
Relevant qualifications or training
Norway: BA, MA (English), PhD in the testing of language of school children, Graduate certificate in Education
UK: BA (Norwegian and Mathematics), MA (Norwegian), Graduate certificate in Education
Languages of communication   
Mother tongue  
Other languages 
Norwegian, French
Project experience
Coordinator of the Bergen 'Can do' project (ECML) (2000-2003): see ECML publication (book and CD).
Leader of the group responsible for developing new National Curriculum for English in compulsory education in Norway, now in operation.
Project leader for Developing National Tests of English in Norwegian schools, currently being administrated for years 5 and 8 (Norwegian Ministry of Education).
Expertise in the topic of the project
Practice in the field
I have considerable experience in making and running assessment instruments in Norway, notably in my present capacity of leader of the project for developing National tests in Norway, which I have held since 2003. As coordinator of the Bergen can-do project (2000-2003), I developed material for ongoing classroom assessment, which was a forerunner for the Norwegian version of the ELP, and which has also been a conceptual model for the national testing of English and the new national curriculum in Norway, where I led the group for English.
Other relevant experience In 2003-2004 I was coordinator for the subgroup which surveyed the assessment needs of language teachers/testers in Europe, as part of the ENLTA project, and in
2004-2005 I was a member of the ENLTA subgroup which developed training materials in assessment for language teachers (see EALTA website for both projects). I was organiser of the 2nd annual EALTA conference in Voss, Norway, 2005. I have also been a trainer of English teachers since 2002.
2003. The Bergen-Can do Project (book and CD). Graz: ECML/Council of Europe.
2004a. "National Testing of English, from the project leader’s perspective" Språk og språkundervisning 3/04, pp.11-13.
2004b. Testing the Spoken English of Young Norwegians: a study of test validity and the role of "small words" in contributing to pupils' fluency. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
2005a. "Avaluar la llengua dels aprenents joves" (Translation: Evaluating the language of young learners). In N. Figueras (ed). L'avaluació dins i fora de l'aula. Barcelona: Generalitat de Catalunya. Secretaria de Política Lingüística. Collecció Com/Materials: Didàctics: 10.
 2005b. “Assessing the Language of Young Learners”. In Language Testing, 22/3, pp.337-354.


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