After the life of the project, its sustainability should be assured partly by the accessibility of the material, on the websites of ECML and EALTA. Moreover, the EALTA and IATEFL conference and mailing lists provide fora for discussion and publicising the material. Pre-conference training workshops are regularly offered by EALTA and IATEFL, and the outcomes of this project will be submitted as such in 2011. Moreover, the team members are members of networks associated with language teaching in their own countries and internationally. Articles will be submitted to international periodicals, such as Language Teaching Research as well as nationally; EALTA and IATEFL membership will make it possible to publish in teaching journals in various European countries, which will further disseminate the project’s work and findings. The final sets of material will be translated into the national languages of the team members, and efforts will be made, through international networks, to extend this number of languages.

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