The project aims to produce material which teachers can use to establish the level of the reading and writing of young learners (YLs) between 9 and 13 years, linked to the CEFR. Features will be identified that characterise FL (foreign language) reading and writing in YLs, as they pass through the A1 to B1 stages of the CEFR. The research carried out will involve longitudinal (classroom-based) studies of YL reading and writing in the FL. The project will build on a local project involving schools in Bergen, Norway, where longitudinal research on YLs reading and writing is being carried out from autumn 2007. The project will have as a common core the study of English learning, for practical purposes. Additionally, second language learners of some of the national languages (e.g. Norwegian) will also be included in the study. The central workshop will provide access to a diversity of L2s, and a function of the workshop will be to consider the applicability of the material for other L2s, and initiate work to adapt the material to these.       


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